Canada’s Famous Five would be proud

By Penney KomeMay, 2015 “What’s going on?” asked the woman in the family piling out of their car with wading gear for the youngsters on a hot day, heading for the wading pools in front of the Alberta Legislature’s great domed and

Rachel Notley was born to lead Alberta NDP

Alberta is once again the New Jerusalem, writes historian, author and F&O columnist Brian Brennan. An excerpt of his dispatch: Alberta, the home province of Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has been viewed for 80 years – ever since the right-wing Social Credit

Alberta once again the New Jerusalem

By Brian Brennan May 6, 2015  In 1971, the year the now irrelevant Progressive Conservative party first rose to power in Alberta, a Canadian folk-pop group from Montreal called The Bells had a million-selling hit titled “Stay Awhile.” It stayed in the American Top

Alberta election: is change in the wind?

  Could Alberta be the bellwether for shifting politics in North America’s oil patch communities? Alberta citizens vote in a provincial election today.  Alberta — world famous as home of the oil sands — has been ruled by the Progressive Conservative party