Media literacy in a post-fact age

PENNEY KOME: OVER EASY February, 2017 Fake news is as old as the Internet. From the 1990s, I remember spam, scams, and ghost ship “rolling” petitions that sailed the white-font-on-black-background PINE and LYNX seas – almost as soon as the first E-list was

Deepa Mehta: pushing boundaries with Beeba Boys

PENNEY KOME: OVER EASY  February, 2016 All of Deepa Mehta’s major films have caused controversy, including the latest, Beeba Boys. Just released,  Beeba Boys (kind of a Sikh Sopranos) depicts the stylish, violent  world of  second- and third-generation Indian gang-bangers in metro Vancouver.  The topic is

BILL WUTTUNEE remembered 1928 – 2015

PENNEY KOME November, 2015 My hero and longtime friend William Wutunee has gone to meet the Great Creator at the age of 87. Or maybe not. Although Bill was a shaman who sometimes donned his Grand Chief eagle feather headdress to lead

On wanting to fit in and Rachel Dolezal

By Penney Kome June, 2015  “Mom, I want braids,” I said one day, as we walked home from my kindergarten to our apartment on the South Side of Chicago. “All the girls in school have braids. I want braids.” “Don’t you like your hair

Canada’s Famous Five would be proud

By Penney KomeMay, 2015 “What’s going on?” asked the woman in the family piling out of their car with wading gear for the youngsters on a hot day, heading for the wading pools in front of the Alberta Legislature’s great domed and

You want fries with that mortarboard?

With convocation season wrapping up, journalist Penney Kome is prompted by her own son’s graduation to consider the severe deflation of university degrees in trying economic times. “Convocation at the University of Alberta was a bittersweet occasion for at least one family,”  writes