How to Stop Being Tracked Online

  By Hanging Chen, ProPublica   Many sites (including ProPublica and F&O) track user behaviour using a variety of invisible third-party software. This means any time you visit a web page, you’re likely sharing data about your online habits, from clicks to

It’s Complicated: Facebook’s History of Tracking You

by Julia Angwin, ProPublica   For years people have noticed a funny thing about Facebook’s ubiquitous Like button. It has been sending data to Facebook tracking the sites you visit. Each time details of the tracking were revealed, Facebook promised that it wasn’t

Online Tracking Increasingly Creepy

  by Julia Angwin, ProPublica The marketers that follow you around the web are getting nosier. Currently, many companies track where users go on the Web — often through cookies — in order to display customized ads. That’s why if you look at a pair