Nothing is simple about Canada’s support for Kurdish fighters

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs February 18, 2016 There is a generation of British soldiers, civil servants and planters, now mostly dead, who swear bloodcurdling oaths at the mention of the name of Canada. They were posted to the then-British colony of Malaya

Kurdistan could be a silver lining in Middle East quagmire

The siege of Kobani has pushed to the surface some of the internal and external pressures working against the creation of a complete Kurdistan homeland, writes International Affairs columnist Jonathan Manthorpe. But if any good can come of the latest ill-conceived bombing of

From Shattered Iraq, Ancient “Land of Kurds” Will Rise

The fracturing of Iraq will mean the birth of Kurdistan, and another revision of borders around  the ancient land of the Kurds, writes International Affairs analyst Jonathan Manthorpe. An excerpt of his new column: The question is not whether there will be an independent