Indonesian “saviour” fails first test: Manthorpe

International affairs analyst Jonathan Manthorpe examines the prospects for better governance in Indonesia, following the failure of Joko Widodo, the touted “white knight,” to persuade enough people to support him. An excerpt: For months the political life of Indonesia has been throbbing

Manthorpe: Echoes of pre-WWI in Chinese claims of airspace

As China ramps up its bellicose stance toward Japan and the United States with the imposition of an air defence zone over disputed territory, the imminent arrival of 2014 is mimicking the months before 1914, warns international affairs columnist Jonathan Manthorpe. An

Take China’s threats against Taiwan seriously

This time, the world should pay attention to China’s threatening approach to Taiwan, warns Jonathan Manthorpe in his international affairs column today. An excerpt: Xi Jinping is not the first modern Chinese leader to threaten the island nation of Taiwan with invasion if