Bush’s War on Terror Unending

Fifteen years ago George W. Bush launched the “War on Terror.” It was an incalculable strategic mistake, and there is no end in sight JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs September 24, 2016 Fifteen years ago this week President George W. Bush uttered a few phrases that have tainted much

Ahmed Chalabi: Death of a Salesman

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs  November 6, 2015 Ahmed Chalabi is lucky he died this week. Had he lived even a few months longer he would have had to face yet more charges that he is personally responsible for the death and destruction

Will Islamic State zealots bring U.S. and Iran together?

Relations between Iran and the United States have been ice cold since 1979. The terrorist attack of 9/11 could have been one opportunity for  a thawing, but “among the plethora of murderously stupid things former United States President George W. Bush did