Universities in Crisis: a series

Jim McNiven wraps up his three-part series The Future of the Global University System (public access) with thoughts on Globalizing Access to Higher Education. An excerpt: Let’s take a tour d’horizon of what seem to be the relevant pieces of the situation outlined in

You want fries with that mortarboard?

With convocation season wrapping up, journalist Penney Kome is prompted by her own son’s graduation to consider the severe deflation of university degrees in trying economic times. “Convocation at the University of Alberta was a bittersweet occasion for at least one family,”  writes

Ignorance of science worsens global crises, warn researchers

Science under siege from censorship, religious beliefs and poor education By Deborah JonesFebruary, 2012 Science is “under siege,” the world’s top scientists and educators heard repeatedly at a major science conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Scientific solutions are