Class war returns, this time as a global issue

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs January 8, 2016 By the time 2016 is two weeks old, each one of Canada’s 100 best paid corporate chief executives will have pocketed more than three times as much as the average Canadian can expect to take home

Life goes on in rural Newfoundland

Life goes on in rural Newfoundland despite the loss of its historic economy and and estimated 50,000 people. Story and photos by Greg Locke.

Militant workers China’s new nightmare

China’s workers are not convinced by their government’s new stance, that low economic growth is “normal.” It’s a nightmarish scenario for China, warns International Affairs columnist Jonathan Manthorpe in his new column, Labour unrest surges as China’s economy slows. An excerpt: As China’s economy slows

Noteworthy: prescriptions on inequality

Worth reading:  A joint American-British report today prescribed new policies aimed at reducing the growing gulf between haves and have-nots in Western democracies, using case studies from several countries. The middle class has not fared well lately in advanced economies roiled by globalization,

Newfoundland’s Offshore Account

The offshore oilfields off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada in the north west Atlantic Ocean are pretty small compared to the operations in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico but the royalties have not only kept Canada's historically impoverished eastern province

Canada’s Climate: Last Chance Tourism

By CHRIS WOOD  More or less as yesterday’s blog post (on Risky Business and Climate-Smart Development) was emerging from my keyboard, Canada’s federal government very quietly uploaded to the website of the Department of Natural Resources the closest thing Canadians have seen since 2008

Risky Business vs Smart Development

By CHRIS WOOD If Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Australia’s Tony Abbott, the world’s most unabashed national cheerleaders for Big Carbon, were really the ‘frank,’ hard-nosed pair they pretend to be, two reports out in as many days would surely shake