F&O Weekend

F&O has a veritable treasure trove of new work for your weekend reading: The Cuban Five In 1998 Fidel Castro had his good friend Gabriel García Márquez, the Nobel prize-winning Colombian novelist, carry a top secret message to American President Bill Clinton.

Extremes, more than averages, are the killers

Paid propagandists blow hot or cold about climate change, depending on the weather of the day. But the fact is that averages rarely kill — it’s the extremes that do that, writes Natural Security columnist Chris Wood.  An excerpt of Wood’s new

Column: we are not individuals, we are collectives

Natural Security columnist Chris Wood kicks off the New Year with a statement that will make some squeamish, which others will find provocative, and which will strike many as a marvel: We’re all in this together. An excerpt of Wood’s new column:

America’s military’s biggest security threat

“Say what you will about the United States military, no organization on earth is more focused on maintaining its capabilities no matter what,” writes Natural Security columnist Chris Wood. “As a result, its upper echelons spend a fair amount of time considering

Wood: Philippines typhoon a taste of the future

For Chris Wood‘s family, the typhoon and aftermath that devastated the Philippines is personal: his nephew was  in its path. Only one brief text, after the storm passed, has provided reassurance that Leighton Wood and his family were fine. Wood warns that

The Facts Behind Fracking

Public debates and heated controversies over hydraulic fracturing have become a constant, currently including in South Africa,  Europe and even the meatpacking district in New York. But it was a protest against fracking in eastern Canada that made world news this month: Five police vehicles were

Boys will be girls: “zombie” chemicals are pervasive

CHRIS WOOD: NATURAL SECURITYPublished Oct. 14, 2013 In Alberta rivers downstream from certain Intensive Livestock Operations – better-known as feedlots, where hundreds and even thousands of cattle are crowded together in foetid paddocks of manure and urine the more economically to supply