The DICEy Flaws in Carbon Models: Chris Wood

Economists Simon Dietz and Nicholas Stern have published some startling findings about the current DICEy models used to estimate the social price of carbon. Chris Wood explains in today’s Natural Security column, excerpt here: A common line of attack for the propagandists, and

Canada’s Climate: Last Chance Tourism

By CHRIS WOOD  More or less as yesterday’s blog post (on Risky Business and Climate-Smart Development) was emerging from my keyboard, Canada’s federal government very quietly uploaded to the website of the Department of Natural Resources the closest thing Canadians have seen since 2008

Risky Business vs Smart Development

By CHRIS WOOD If Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Australia’s Tony Abbott, the world’s most unabashed national cheerleaders for Big Carbon, were really the ‘frank,’ hard-nosed pair they pretend to be, two reports out in as many days would surely shake

Replace Westphalian Nationalism with Green Unity: Chris Wood

National sovereignty, no matter how zealously protected, cannot achieve natural security, writes Chris Wood in today’s Natural Security column. Critical ecological infrastructure can only be assured if we get past misguided nationalisms, nativism and deep-rooted tribalisms —  past a way of thinking about the world

The Value of a World

The world’s ecological and atmospheric infrastructure — from ocean currents to mango forests, the jetstream to wetlands — contributes at least $1.50 to human economic wellbeing for every dollar that we mark in the official economy of goods and services, new research

The water is rising

Research showing that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is breaking up lends an hallucinatory air to our political and business discourses, writes Natural Security columnist Chris Wood. We carry on as though the historical world will last forever, as if our biggest problem

Easter, Kepler-186f, and Exploding Judas

A report that astronomers have found a planet in the constellation Cygnus, which they named Kepler-186f, turned Chris Wood’s thoughts to humanity’s chance of escaping earth. “Star Trek childhoods and a present of holodeck-quality technology inspire dreams of the ultimate geographic cure.

Boo! GMO!

By Chris Wood The purported dangers of genetically modified organisms are articles of faith among certain tribes of environmentalists and pure-foodies. I’m not personally alarmed about GMO foods — empiricism is demanded, as I wrote in a recent column, Follies to the

In the far north, the future is here

The biggest world news has concerned the release of the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, warning that climate change is already experienced worldwide. But what instead drew the attention of Natural Security columnist Chris Wood was a research

Lookin’ for love – not to get fracked

Chris Wood has a parent’s perspective on planetary etiquette in his new Natural Security column: if you’re looking to date “his” planet, you better be ready to treat her right. An excerpt: These eight simple rules — borrowed from an American sit-com