Remembering the Famous Five

By Brian Brennan Today is Persons Day in Canada. I was reminded of this, not by a story in the Canadian media – which by now has become blasé about this annual commemoration of women’s rights – but by an opinion column

Default Settings: The Perils of Undischarged Public Debt

By Brian BrennanPublished October 10, 2013 On October 17, 2013, the American government could enter unchartered territory. If Congressional Democrats and Republicans cannot agree on raising the statutory borrowing limit known as the “debt ceiling,” the government could be forced to default

The Bead Shop

By Deborah Jones Launching Facts and Opinions made one thing clear: as well as a boutique media outlet, our collection of journalists now owns a digital startup. On some level we knew that from the get-go. But it really only hit me

Canada’s Mayor

Self-styled “brown guy” Naheed Nenshi has reshaped politics in Canada’s conservative, white-bread energy capital.   By BRIAN BRENNAN  October, 2013 The mayor of Calgary, Alberta, was about to give a speech in Toronto when an aide drew him aside to tell of