(020213-GSL01.jpg) ST. JOHN’S, NEWFOUNDLAND: 13FEB02 – CANADA PROTESTS ILLEGAL FISHING BY EU CONTRIES – Canada protests illegal fishing practices by EU countries in the North Atlantic near Canada’s 200 mile economic exclusion zone. It’s presentation to the North Atlantic Fishing Organization (NAFO) outlines overfishing, false logs, illegal fishing gear and fishing for banned species by vessels from the European Community. Long standing disputes between Canada and fishing nations of Europe have led to many diplomatic incidents. Canada is considering extending it’s 200 mile limit to cover all the Grand Banks. Excessive overfishing of the Grand Banks by Canadian and international offshore factory freezer trawlers have led to the near extinction of the Northern Cod, which small boat inshore fishing families depend on, and forced Canada to ban all fishing for this species, putting 30,000 people out of work in 1992. Here, Spanish and Canadian offshore fishing trawlers at the Canadian 200mile limit on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland which are considering one of the richest fishing grounds in the world. (C) Greg Locke 2002