Squibs, by Deborah Jones

Deborah Jones (In Pocitelj, Bosnia and Herzegovina/Gavin Kennedy photo © 2011)

Squib |skwib|

  1. a small firework that burns with a hissing sound before exploding
  2. a short piece of satirical writing
  3. a short news item or filler

Make of these what your will, and take your pick of the definitions. (I prefer the first.)


Squib: Bloomsday — June 16, 2016

I would like to love Ulysses. I don’t. Perhaps James Joyce was just playing a big joke on us?

Squib: “My” Queen — June 11, 2016

Some thoughts on the military parade and occasion of the 90th Official Birthday, which of course is not the same thing as the actual  90th birthday April 26, of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, etc, etc., etc.

Squib: Balkanization and the Radovan Karadžić verdict – March 24, 2106

Rebuilding the physical structures might be the least challenging remedy to the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. Fixing  people is harder.


Squib: Out of Time: Daylight (Saving) Delusions March 13, 2016

Since we insist on legislating daylight, it’s long past time that we did something about the weather.