What’s In a Slogan?

By Brian Brennan The New York Times has used the well-known slogan, “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” for over a century. The motto was coined originally to distinguish the paper from its tabloid competitors, which trafficked in yellow journalism. Today,

The Bead Shop

By Deborah Jones Launching Facts and Opinions made one thing clear: as well as a boutique media outlet, our collection of journalists now owns a digital startup. On some level we knew that from the get-go. But it really only hit me

Naheed Nenshi, Canada’s Mayor

When river flooding inundated downtown Calgary, it caused billions of dollars in damage and tested the leadership of Naheed Nenshi, a first-term mayor who handled the crisis so adroitly that he attracted national and international media attention.    How did this former

“Give Disaster a Chance”

CHRIS WOOD: NATURAL SECURITY Published September 27, 2013 Where I live, in Mexico, screens have been filled with the devastation wrought by Hurricane Ingrid and tropical storm Manuel along the country’s coasts. Mexico is in no doubt about the reality of climate

Facts and Opinions goes LIVE.

OPEN HOUSE: September 25 – October 1  It’s official folks, we are live. Welcome to our Open House – come in and browse our sections for no charge, before our paywall goes up on Oct. 1.  Independent, non-partisan and employee-owned, Facts and

One Person’s Journey: Brian Brennan

F&O contributor Brian Brennan, an Irish journalist based in Alberta, has a new series of biographical profiles on his own web site. Writes Brian: If a story was worth telling once, it’s worth telling again. That’s been my motto for many years. It’s

On the road with the Newfoundland diaspora

In a journalist’s career there are many stories to tell. Sometimes you are a local journalist telling a local story to a local audience. Other times you are a foreigner in a foreign land trying to tell a foreign story to the

Media “vultures” and Mandela

About “media vultures.” Shame that bad behaviour by some media, and bad communication by those in charge, has become the story in Nelson Mandela’s fraught days.Nelson Mandela belongs not only to his relatives. Around the world there’s a sense of held breath

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