Canada’s Harper Government’s ‘Maginot’ Security Plan

CHRIS WOOD: NATURAL SECURITY June, 2015 Canada’s heavy-handed ‘security’ strategy is a sham. That statement may be true in a number of readings, ranging from motive to likely outcome (more inflamed zealots with an excuse for violence on Canadian soil). But the sense

Noteworthy: Davos, Ebola, media matters

The World Economic Forum, AKA the “annual summit for the one per cent,” kicks off in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, tomorrow. Subjects range from bicycles for African kids to global trade, Ebola to climate change, “honey laundering” to oil markets. Switzerland’s tourism industry is delighted

Artists call for ban on fracking near national park

Thirty two well known artists sent an open letter to Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper, and  Newfoundland & Labrador Premier Paul Davis, calling on them to establish a permanent buffer zone free of industrial activity around Gros Morn National Park  and UNESCO

The back story behind New York’s fracking ban

  Careful, evidence-based journalism underpinned New York’s decision Wednesday to ban fracking in the state. This story by the not-for-profit investigative news room ProPublica provides the back story of the state governor’s announcement. Fracking — the technique of fracturing underground rock by piping

F&O’s first magazine feature wins kudos

Congratulations to F&O founding feature writer Brian Brennan, whose story Canada’s Mayor — F&O’s first original magazine feature — won Runner-up, Best Feature Article, in the 2014 Professional Writers Association of Canada Awards.  Here’s what we said on our Frontlines blog to announce the piece when it was published September 30, 2013: When river

Pulitzer Prize for journalism on secret surveillance

The Guardian and the Washington Post newspapers were the big winners of the prestigious Pulitzer Prizes for public service journalism Monday, for their reporting on spying by American security agencies. Pulizter announced the two news organizations shared the prize for Public Service:

Afghan policeman kills photo-journalist, injures reporter

A police commander today shot two journalists covering Afghanistan’s election for the Associated Press, killing German photojournalist Anja Niedringhaus and injuring Canadian reporter Kathy Gannon.  Said an Associated Press statement by Gary Pruitt: It is with grief and great sadness that I

F&O Weekend

F&O’s rich selection of reports, analysis and commentary this weekend includes: new Commentary pieces by Chris Wood and Jonathan Manthorpe, and an Arts note on Norway’s choice of a design to memorialize the country’s horrific 2011 slaying. A Dispatch from ProPublica reviews

F&O Weekend

F&O wraps up the week with an eclectic range of slow journalism from the past, present and future:  Critical Assembly: A Drama Critic Remembers Berlin. Two years before the wall came down, in 1987, historian and author Brian Brennan joined 139 other writers