Manthorpe explains Syria’s Gordian knot

An American-led attack on military assets of the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad in retaliation for a nerve gas attack on civilians last week now appears inevitable, writes Jonathan Manthorpe in today’s column. Only the timing is in doubt.   The column,

Overdrawn: Earth Overshoot Day

Imagine that your income isn’t quite covering your expenses. Every month you run out of cash just before you get paid. But now, imagine that you find you’re running out of money sooner with each passing month, trying to cover the gap by

Obstacles temper hopes for new global role for Iran

By allowing the election to Iran’s presidency of moderate Hassan Rouhani, the country’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has tacitly admitted his own past blunders and shown a desire for better relations with Washington and Europe.  But although the prospects of dialogue

Egypt is in for a prolonged struggle

 Egypt’s torment in the undertow of the Arab Spring is a textbook example of failure, writes international affairs analyst Jonathan Manthorpe in his new column.  Manthorpe’s piece is available with a $1 day pass for the entire site, or by subscription.  

Behind the mask

By Deborah Jones As of today, it’s illegal in Canada to wear a mask during a riot or unlawful assembly. Under Bill C-309, just passed, conviction of breaking that law carries a maximum 10-year prison sentence.  Mixed thoughts. First, a 10-year sentence, even

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