Facts, and Opinions, this week

We focus this week on three main events: F&O marks Remembrance Day this year with a photo-essay by Greg Locke, thoughts on the poppy by Alex Kennedy, and a feature by Jonathan Manthorpe on the WWII Battle for Hong Kong. We have a story about Canadian poet,

Remembering War

GREG LOCKE November 11, 2016 I can’t do Remembrance Day anymore. Just don’t have it in me. I don’t mean it to be disrespectful. In fact, my respect is infinite. I have had relatives serve in the Canadian, British and American military

Facts, and Opinions, this week

Below is F&O’s Fresh Sheet. We’ll have more stories later this week — see our Contents page for our newest original and curated works. Notebook: Current affairs are a raging flood, from breaking news about the Canada-Europe free trade dea. (Reuters) to a pipeline protest in North Dakota that activist Bill McKibben calls

F&O this week

F&O’s Fresh Sheet this week features: Focus on Bob Dylan, who this week won the Nobel Prize for Literature: His Bob-ness joins Yeats, Beckett, and Eliot, by Rod Mickleburgh In the winter of 1990, I waited with a handful of reporters and

Facts and Opinions this week

  F&O’s Fresh Sheet includes: Most US Muslims comfortably integrated, by Tom Regan   Column The raging Islamophobia of America’s presidential election present a very negative view of American Muslims. It is also completely false. Nature needs a seat at the UN, by Anthony Burke and Stefanie

F&O’s Fresh Sheet

Shimon Peres funeral joins Israeli, Palestinian leaders — briefly. By Jeffrey Heller and Jeff Mason Israeli and Palestinian leaders shook hands during a brief chat and U.S. President Barack Obama gently reminded them of the “unfinished business of peace” at the funeral Friday

Facts, and Opinions, that matter this week

  Fresh works on Facts and Opinions this week: Bush’s War on Terror Unending, by Jonathan Manthorpe   Column Fifteen years ago George W. Bush launched the “War on Terror.” It was an incalculable strategic mistake, and there is no end in sight. Rage over Racism: America Asked For

Matters of Facts, and Opinions, this week

Facts and Opinions is on a reduced publishing schedule until after Labour Day in September, when our regular columnists and schedule will return. What Comes After Colombia’s Peace Deal?   By Annette Idler  Analysis What will happen after the  Colombian government and the guerrilla group

Facts, and Opinions, that matter this week

New York’s Colour Line, Between Black and Blue, by Ruth Hopkins  Magazine  When American police officers shot dead two black men – Anton Sterling and Philando Castile – within 24 hours in the sweltering heat of July, thousands took to the streets

Matters of Facts, and Opinions, this week

Where I live, in the Pacific Northwest, aboriginals and many newcomers refer to ourselves as The People of the Salmon. This week, sports fishing was cancelled, alongside closed commercial harvests, on the mighty and mythical Fraser River. Too few wild salmon are returning from the Pacific

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