Americans turn Canadian about health care

After six years with Obamacare, public opinion forces Republicans to think “expansion,” not “repeal.”  PENNEY KOME: OVER EASY April, 2017 American attitudes towards universal healthcare insurance have long baffled the rest of the world. Only in the US is serious illness a

Churchill essay on aliens timely reminder of modern dangers

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, circa 1940-`945. Photograph MH 26392, Imperial War Museums collection, by Cecil Beaton, UK government, public domain via Wikimedia By Elizabeth Tasker, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)  February 18, 2017 Buried within the archives of a museum in Missouri, an

Fresh Sheet: Facts, and Opinions

Trump’s Hot Air Far From Greatest Climate Threat, by Andrew Revkin, ProPublica  Report The real risk for climate change in a Donald Trump presidency, according to close to a dozen experts interviewed for this story, lies less in impacts on specific policies

Season’s Greetings

The December solstice marks our turn from autumn to winter in the North, from spring to summer in the South. It’s a time of celebrations, renewal, and tradition — and for many, a welcome break in routine and a fresh start. F&O will now take a break,

Facts, Opinions, and Findings of the week

Foreign banks in Britain pay fraction of tax rate, by Tom Bergin Some of the biggest foreign investment and commercial banks operating in Britain paid an average tax rate of just 6 percent on the billions of dollars of profits they made

Battle Ends, Bloody Syrian War Grinds On

By Laila Bassam, Angus McDowall and Stephanie Nebehay  Rebel resistance in the Syrian city of Aleppo ended on Tuesday after years of fighting and months of bitter siege and bombardment that culminated in a bloody retreat, as insurgents agreed to withdraw in

Red Kettles, Fake News, Corruption: Facts and Opinions this week

Viola Desmond the choice for portrait on Canada’s next $10 bill  Our journalism boutique lineup this week features an essay by Jeremy Hainsworth, weighing discrimination against the good done by the Salvation Army in saving lives. We focus on corruption with three pieces: Jonathan Manthorpe’s column on Transparency

Matters of Facts, and Opinions

F&O’s Dispatches this week: Security Chief: Europe Must Brace for New Extremist Attacks, by Alastair Macdonald  Islamic State will attack Europe again, security chiefs warned on Dec. 2, and may add car bombs, cyber and chemical warfare to its local arsenal as European

Matters of Facts, and Opinions: Castro, Trump, Burma, Nepal

Notebook: Our journalism boutique this week offers reports and analysis on Fidel Castro’s death; Jonathan Manthorpe on Burma (also known as Myanmar); Tom Regan on past American Fascism; an essay on  democratic awakening by Emily Lacika, and a report on Nepal as the set of

Facts, and Opinions, this week

We focus this week on three main events: F&O marks Remembrance Day this year with a photo-essay by Greg Locke, thoughts on the poppy by Alex Kennedy, and a feature by Jonathan Manthorpe on the WWII Battle for Hong Kong. We have a story about Canadian poet,