The Others of 9/11

A Black Hole is defined, in lay terms, as a piece of space with a gravitational field so fierce that no matter can escape. Since airborne terrorists attacked New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001, the world has been pulled toward a metaphoric Black Hole, one created by

What the wedge between Saudi Arabia and the United States means

I learn something new with every piece by international affairs analyst Jonathan Manthorpe. In today’s column Manthorpe looks at the growing rift between Riyadh and Washington, as a symptom of both major change in the national stance of Middle Eastern countries, and a

Squeeze ploy

I’ve been thinking about Brian Brennan’s funny new piece about playing the accordion, about his (tongue-in-cheek) complaint that he gets no respect. I want to listen to him. I want to hear his pain. Really – I do. I’m just having a

What’s behind Russian support for Syria?

Whatever drove Russian leader Russian President Vladimir Putin to tell reporters this morning his support for Syria’s Assad regime is unshakeable? What is behind Russian manoeuvers that evoke Cold War brinkmanship, such as bolstering its naval deployment off Syria’s coast? The two countries have no

Existential dangers and brilliant opportunities

“What to do? What to do?” asks journalist and author Chris Wood, tackling no less than humanity’s existential dangers and brilliant opportunities in his inaugural column for Facts and Opinions. “We are surrounded by miracles and wonders,” writes Wood. “And we are preparing for

Mongolian fashion model’s murder plagues Malaysian leader

The torrid and sordid saga around the death of a Mongolian fashion model continues to dog Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, writes international affairs analyst Jonathan Manthorpe. The case was re-ignited by a court decision to quash the murder convictions of her

Chemical weapons? What chemical weapons?

A meme making the rounds on social media: “So the Americans draw a red line at the use of chemical weapons? “What the hell was Agent Orange? A cake garnish, like chocolate sprinkles?”   Good questions.    

Is China’s leader purging his rivals?

There are strong indications that the much-touted anti-corruption drive by China’s new leader Xi Jinping is also becoming a purge of his rivals and route to embedding his own authority, writes international affairs analyst Jonathan Manthorpe in today’s column. Manthorpe’s piece, in

One Person’s Journey: Brian Brennan

F&O contributor Brian Brennan, an Irish journalist based in Alberta, has a new series of biographical profiles on his own web site. Writes Brian: If a story was worth telling once, it’s worth telling again. That’s been my motto for many years. It’s

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