Germ Warfare

By Deborah JonesVANCOUVER, Canada, 1995 In the war between germs and antibiotics, this much is no longer in doubt: eventually, bacteria win every battle. The only question is: how long can the cavalry keep arriving with new drugs? Forget plague in India. Forget,

Egypt is in for a prolonged struggle

 Egypt’s torment in the undertow of the Arab Spring is a textbook example of failure, writes international affairs analyst Jonathan Manthorpe in his new column.  Manthorpe’s piece is available with a $1 day pass for the entire site, or by subscription.  

Egypt’s bleak prospects

JONATHAN MANTHORPE Published: August 16, 2013. Transitions from tyranny to representative and accountable government are always uncertain and usually messy, but Egypt’s torment in the undertow of the Arab Spring is a textbook example of failure. Hundreds of people have been killed in

Not finished with Earth

Well, damn. Seems we’ll be stuck on this spinning rock in space a while longer: humanity’s best shot at escape died a heavenly death this week. NASA announced it can’t fix the broken Kepler Spacecraft, tasked with solving an earth-shaking question, “Are Earths

Death with Dignity

DEBORAH JONES: FREE RANGEPublished August 15, 2013 Two dogs who shared my home for 13 years lived a dog’s life and – more to the point – died a dog’s death. When Corrie and Morag came to live with me as roly-poly

The Trial of Bo Xilai

JONATHAN MANTHORPE Published: August 14, 2013   Bo Xilai was mayor of China’s north-eastern city Dalian when I first met him in the early 1990s, and I remember thinking he was the first senior Communist Party official I had encountered who could

Killer highway

Canada’s demonic and blissful Sea to Sky By Deborah JonesSQUAMISH, British Columbia, Canada. March 2001 This morning, the “Killer Highway” of British Columbia looks harmless. Blissful, even. Dawn creeps across Sea to Sky country as I drive south from Whistler to Vancouver.

Incendiary performance: from Gumboot Lollypop to the Olympics

 As a teenager in Vancouver, Dolly Hopkins was torn between athletics and drama; she spent her high school years rushing between sports-team practices and theater rehearsals. She eventually chose drama, and so it was a tad ironic that in 2004 she was invited

Media “vultures” and Mandela

About “media vultures.” Shame that bad behaviour by some media, and bad communication by those in charge, has become the story in Nelson Mandela’s fraught days.Nelson Mandela belongs not only to his relatives. Around the world there’s a sense of held breath

Behind the mask

By Deborah Jones As of today, it’s illegal in Canada to wear a mask during a riot or unlawful assembly. Under Bill C-309, just passed, conviction of breaking that law carries a maximum 10-year prison sentence.  Mixed thoughts. First, a 10-year sentence, even

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