Political reform in China unavoidable

JONATHAN MANTHORPEPublished: October 3, 2013 As China marks the 64th anniversary of the Communist Party coming to power, the country is facing growing uncertainty. The time approaches when confronting the contradictions in its political and social lives can no longer be avoided.

Canada’s Mayor

Self-styled “brown guy” Naheed Nenshi has reshaped politics in Canada’s conservative, white-bread energy capital.   By BRIAN BRENNAN  October, 2013 The mayor of Calgary, Alberta, was about to give a speech in Toronto when an aide drew him aside to tell of

Naheed Nenshi, Canada’s Mayor

When river flooding inundated downtown Calgary, it caused billions of dollars in damage and tested the leadership of Naheed Nenshi, a first-term mayor who handled the crisis so adroitly that he attracted national and international media attention.    How did this former

Iran opens the gate to a long and stony road

In a new column, international affairs analyst Jonathan Manthorpe writes of the remarkable developments today between Iran and the United States, at the United Nations in New York. But hopes for a thaw in the icy relationship are tempered by tough questions

Iran opens the gate to a long and stony road

JONATHAN MANTHORPEPublished September 27th, 2013. The 34 years of animosity that has marked relations between Iran and the United States took a new direction today when President Barack Obama had an apparently constructive telephone conversation with his new counterpart from Tehran, Hassan Rouhani.

“Give Disaster a Chance”

CHRIS WOOD: NATURAL SECURITY Published September 27, 2013 Where I live, in Mexico, screens have been filled with the devastation wrought by Hurricane Ingrid and tropical storm Manuel along the country’s coasts. Mexico is in no doubt about the reality of climate

Science speaks on climate change

By CHRIS WOOD  The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a summary of its fifth periodic report on what’s happening to our planet’s climate on Friday, Sept. 27. The balance of the report, collecting the findings of more than 2,000 researchers over

Fracking: at what cost, for what benefits?

The technology of “fracking” has transformed North America’s fuel forecast and global energy politics in one brief generation. But the story of fracking  is really a story about risk – and how we, as individuals and communities, face and trade off unavoidable contingencies, writes

Humans naturally nasty? Research suggests not

Research shows that human “morality” is grounded in science. Whether our societies can transcend tribal affiliations is another matter. By Deborah Jones  February 2012 Vancouver, Canada (AFP) —  Biological research increasingly debunks the view of humanity as competitive, aggressive and brutish, says biologist and

Manthorpe explains Syria’s Gordian knot

An American-led attack on military assets of the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad in retaliation for a nerve gas attack on civilians last week now appears inevitable, writes Jonathan Manthorpe in today’s column. Only the timing is in doubt.   The column,

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