Familiarity with China breeds contempt in Hong Kong

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs February 13, 2016 The only surprise in the Monday night clashes between Hong Kong police and demonstrators demanding self-rule is that it hasn’t happened before. Over 40 policemen were injured, and 24 people arrested in clashes in the

Facts, and Opinions, that matter this week

The Year of the Monkey begins today, on the Chinese New Year, and so we begin the year with a report about the new year as the world’s biggest consumer holiday: Chinese New Year, the world’s biggest consumer festival, by Qing Shan Ding. North Korea is in the

Honeybees being killed by a manmade pandemic

By Stephen John Martin, University of Salford February, 2016 We live in a world where large numbers of people are connected by just a few degrees of separation. But while having friends of friends all over the globe can be great for holidays,

“Cause marketing” not clear as a bell

DEBORAH JONES: FREE RANGE February 6, 2016 I just donated a few dollars to my local schizophrenia support charity. I should do so more often, knowing that we’re all, directly or indirectly, affected by mental illnesses. I don’t, though. It’s one of

Ghosts Gather at Najib’s Feast

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs February 5, 2016 For nearly a decade Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak’s control of the country’s government, its judiciary, and most of its media, has short circuited investigations into his involvement in murder, as well as bribery, theft and

Facts, and Opinions, that matter: from Zika to America’s “Arab Spring”

The World Health Organization declared the Zika virus “a Public Health Emergency of International Concern” today. The WHO cited a suspected, though not yet scientifically proven, link between infection during pregnancy and microcephaly, the way the disease is spreading to vulnerable people, and the lack of vaccines and tests were also given as