Finding Her Roots in Country Music: Anne Murray

BRIAN BRENNAN: BRIEF ENCOUNTERS   July 2015 Today they call them media opportunities. Back in the day, they were known as press conferences. Reporters didn’t like them because the stories that came out of them were inconsequential. This was particularly true in the case

Beijing bristles as Taiwan prepares to elect pro-independence opposition

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs  July 24, 2015  Taiwan’s voters are preparing for a rocky ride as they appear set to elect an opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration dedicated to preserving the independence of the island and its 23 million people. If the

The Banality of Ethics in the Anthropocene

CLIVE HAMILTONJuly, 2015 Among the great crimes of the 20th century the most enduring will surely prove to be human disruption of the Earth’s climate. The effects of human-induced climate change are apparent now and will become severe this century, but the

Critiquing the Critics: Barry Morse

BRIAN BRENNAN: BRIEF ENCOUNTERS  July 2015 I wanted to talk to Barry Morse about Lieutenant Gerard, the dogged detective he had played for four seasons in The Fugitive, one of the biggest TV hits of the 1960s. But Morse wanted to talk about

Beijing collides with China’s new community of human rights lawyers

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs   July 17, 2015  Having used his anti-corruption campaign to remove any challengers to his power atop China’s Communist Party, President Xi Jinping is now bent on crushing increasingly assertive and publicly influential human rights lawyers. Last weekend, in an