Yesterday’s Man: Canada’s Peter MacKay

305px-Peter_MacKay_cropCanadian Justice Minister Peter MacKay has been the subject of a flurry of news stories, and almost as many satire pieces, about anti-woman comments  he is alleged to have made. Writer Charles Mandel responds with an opinion column for F&O’s THINK/Loose Leaf section:

Peter MacKay is yesterday’s man. 

According to Canada’s Justice Minister, women are dedicated moms and caregivers around the clock who are busy changing diapers, packing lunches and dropping the kids off at daycare. In contrast, men are dedicated fathers who are shaping the minds of the next generation.

This old-fashioned, blatantly sexist attitude recently surfaced in a pair of emails MacKay sent to his staff on the occasions of Mother’s and Father’s Days. Justice department employees apparently sent the emails to Canada’s national broadcaster, the CBC.

The Mother’s Day email lauded women for having “two full-time jobs: as hard-working department of justice employees during business hours, and as dedicated moms and caregivers … read more (column free of charge):

Canada’s Justice Minister is Yesterday’s Man


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