‘Spotlight’ Gets Investigative Journalism Right

 “Spotlight,” the film based on the Boston Globe’s investigation of the Catholic Church, is a remarkable achievement. — Stephen Engelberg, ProPublica editor   STEPHEN ENGELBERG, ProPublica February, 2016 There’s a moment in almost every movie when people in the audience who really

Rethinking Cancer: non-sexy, low-cost therapies

Increasingly, Big Pharma is betting on new blockbuster cancer drugs that cost billions to develop and can be sold for thousands of dollars a dose. In 2010, each of the top 10 cancer drugs topped more than $1 billion in sales, according

Racial resegregation in the American south

  Sixty years after the United States Supreme Court outlawed “separate but equal” schools, Nikole Hannah-Jones of  journalism organization ProPublica went to Tuscaloosa, Ala., to investigate the resegregation of Southern schools. Her series begins today, April 17.   Segregation Now: 60 Years