Demands grow for South Africa’s Zuma to go

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs April 15, 2017 It is fitting symbolism that one of the most intense of the many mass demonstrations in recent days, demanding the removal of South African President Jacob Zuma, was in the square in front of Cape

South African politics see tectonic shift

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs August 6, 2016 South African voters have delivered the most stinging rebuke to the party of Nelson Mandela since it led the country out of apartheid a quarter century ago. The messianic reputation of the African National Congress

South Africa’s solidarity unravelling

South Africa’s unlikely alliance, of forces drawn together by opposition to apartheid, was always expected to unravel, notes international affairs analyst Jonathan Manthorpe. That is now happening because, with public disgust at corruption and incompetence within the African National Congress (ANC) government

Nelson Mandela, R.I.P.

F&O has updated our listing of our original writing, and selected videos and readings, following Nelson Mandela’s death on December 5. Behind Houghton Walls, a poem reflecting on Mandela’s last days by Iain T. Benson, a professor in South Africa, is published

Analysis: South Africa’s nightmare

By Jonathan Manthorpe Nelson Mandela has been praised to the rafters for promoting peace and reconciliation in post-apartheid South Africa, but there is precious little evidence on the ground that his message was heard or understood. Read the column, The Nightmare of

Nelson Mandela too good for government leadership

Nelson Mandela was too good for his or South Africa’s own good, writes international affairs columnist Jonathan Manthorpe. Excerpt: Those qualities of tolerance, forgiveness, respect for the others’ views, and uncritical loyalty to friends, comrades and family that made him one of