Journalism at risk from surveillance, data collection: UNESCO report

By Julie Posetti May 3, 2017 The ability of journalists to report without fear is under threat from mass surveillance and data retention. Released this week, my UNESCO report Protecting Journalism Sources in the Digital Age shows that laws protecting journalists and sources

Rare win for journalism as PR firms overwhelm news

By John Jewell, Cardiff University October, 2016 Recent articles about the public relations firm Bell Pottinger are a stark reminder of the power and pervasiveness of PR in today’s fragmented media landscape. The Sunday Times and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism revealed that

Not all things in journalism are equal

TOM REGAN: SUMMONING ORENDA September 17, 2010 Several years ago, then CNN journalist Campbell Brown uttered what I’ve always called the “Campbell dictum” on reporting: “If I interview two politicians, and one says it’s raining and one says it’s sunny and I

Commercial journalism can’t die fast enough

TOM REGAN: SUMMONING ORENDA May 14, 2016 Friends, North Americans, country men (and women), I come to bury commercial journalism, not to praise it. First of all because there is almost nothing to praise. And unlike Marc Anthony with Caesar, I want

‘Spotlight’ Gets Investigative Journalism Right

 “Spotlight,” the film based on the Boston Globe’s investigation of the Catholic Church, is a remarkable achievement. — Stephen Engelberg, ProPublica editor   STEPHEN ENGELBERG, ProPublica February, 2016 There’s a moment in almost every movie when people in the audience who really

Freedom of the press ain’t so free anymore

TOM REGAN  February 20, 2015  Many years ago, when I was a Nieman fellow at Harvard University, a colleague and friend from Uganda, Charles Unyongo-Obbo, and I were the last two people to leave a function. As we walked out into the crisp

Noteworthy: media on my mind

 It’s been a helluva year so far in the media world, which began with the slaughter of 12 people, including 10 journalists, outside the office of Charlie Hebdo in January, as part of a wider attack by extremists in Paris. Journalism lost

Noteworthy: Davos, Ebola, media matters

The World Economic Forum, AKA the “annual summit for the one per cent,” kicks off in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, tomorrow. Subjects range from bicycles for African kids to global trade, Ebola to climate change, “honey laundering” to oil markets. Switzerland’s tourism industry is delighted

Value for money: journalism and politics

Everybody is asking for money this week, to beat year-end deadlines. It’s exhausting. As well as giving money that works sideways at best — to charities and NGOs, from conservative think tanks to environmental groups — I wish more people would be

The back story behind New York’s fracking ban

  Careful, evidence-based journalism underpinned New York’s decision Wednesday to ban fracking in the state. This story by the not-for-profit investigative news room ProPublica provides the back story of the state governor’s announcement. Fracking — the technique of fracturing underground rock by piping