Sound Art

Every two years since 1983 Sound Symposium has been happening in Newfoundland, Canada at the edge of the North Atlantic. Founded by classical musician and percussionist, Don Wherry, the event grew from a bunch of avant garde musician friends to a ten day international festival of new music, performing and sound art with everything from classical and jazz musicians experimenting with new sound, dance and theatre to audio engineers and sculptures creating audio art installations in the wild coastal environment. The soundscapes created have become the hallmark of Sound Symposium which happens once again in July of 2014.

This video is from a 2012 Sound Symposium event organized by Gayle Young, a sound artist and founder of Music Works magazine. She led a group of musicians to remote  Doctor’s Cove, Newfoundland, 100km south of St. John’s to find resonant rocks and build lithophones.


SoundSymposium 2012 – Doctor’s Cove, Newfoundland from Stray Light Media, Inc. on Vimeo.

Found music improv with beach rocks in Doctor’s Cove, Newfoundland for Sound Symposium 2012, an international ten day festival of new music and performing art held every two years in Canada’s most eastern province. © 2012 Greg Locke for Stray Light Media, Inc. –