Vancouver: not mind-numbingly boring, but vacuously vain

The flood of money from China into Canada has not only contorted and distorted the Vancouver housing market beyond redemption, it has changed the sort of community Vancouver is going to be for generations to come, writes Jonathan Manthorpe. And, in a

China’s war for Asian domination going well

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs April 2, 2015  TOKYO, Japan — China’s war to supplant the United States as the regional super power in the Far East and western Pacific is under full steam and gobbling up its objectives. Over the last 15 years,

Focus on China and Hong Kong

Here are some of the stories on F&O that provide some clarity on the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong:   Beijing will outwait Hong Kong’s Protesters, by Jonathan Manthorpe (paywall)   Tens of thousands of Hongkongers took advantage of today’s Chinese national

Island-building Inflames China-Philippines Dispute

Pursuit of Beijing’s claim to the South China Sea is a major element in the drive by China’s Communist Party boss Xi Jinping to convince the population that the country is re-emerging as the world’s pre-eminent power, writes International Affairs columnist Jonathan Manthorpe..

China manufactures islands to back its sovereignty claims

JONATHAN MANTHORPE  September 10, 2014  Not content with stealing other people’s territory, the Beijing government is now manufacturing islands to boost its insubstantial claim to ownership of the South China Sea. The Philippines government has released aerial photographs of Chinese dredgers and construction teams

Beijing reneges on Hong Kong freedom guarantee

JONATHAN MANTHORPEJune  11, 2014  The Chinese government has confirmed what everyone has known for a long time: it was lying when it signed a treaty guaranteeing Hong Kong substantial autonomy, speedy progress to democracy and protection of the rule of law. Protesters

Japan Responds to China — Manthorpe

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe this week launched a challenge of China’s increasing assertiveness in Asia, writes International Affairs analyst Jonathan Manthorpe. It’s a significant departure  for Abe, who became Prime Minister for the second time in 2012 with a mandate to

Japan deals itself in to the Asian poker game

JONATHAN MANTHORPEMay 30, 2014  Japan this week launched a three-pronged response to China’s growing military and diplomatic shadow over Asia. In Singapore today, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged his country’s “utmost support” for the countries of Southeast Asia that are locked

On China’s dangerous assertiveness — Manthorpe

Backed by its arsenal of modern ships, submarines, warplanes and missiles, Beijing has become increasingly assertive over its territorial disputes with its neighbours,  writes International Affairs analyst Jonathan Manthorpe. The most recent — and most dangerous — case is in the South China

Beijing attempts to provoke conflict with Vietnam over maritime claims

JONATHAN MANTHORPEMay 9, 2014. The Chinese government seems determined to provoke a military clash with its neighbours over disputed ownership of islands and conflicting maritime boundaries. This week’s clashes between Vietnamese naval and coast guard vessels, and Chinese ships defending a deep-sea