One Person’s Journey: Brian Brennan

F&O contributor Brian Brennan, an Irish journalist based in Alberta, has a new series of biographical profiles on his own web site. Writes Brian:

If a story was worth telling once, it’s worth telling again. That’s been my motto for many years. It’s what informs much of my history writing and what drives my new biographical profile series, One Person’s Journey, that I’m now promoting through my blog. In the series I introduce you to some of the colourful characters I’ve encountered during the 20 years I’ve been exploring Canada’s history as an author and journalist. The blog contains the teasers plus the links to the complete stories. The complete stories are delivered to your inbox at the push of a “Buy Now” button. One-click history at your fingertips! For 99 cents a story!

I have no formal historical training but I do know how to find my way around libraries, newspaper morgues and archives. I also pride myself on having an ear for a good story. I’ve already told some of these stories in books and periodical articles and now I’m revisiting them for the Internet age. 

I was drawn to these characters initially because they lived fascinating, colourful lives. I hope you’ll find them as engaging as I did. If you enjoy the stories, be sure to tell your friends about my blog. Take advantage of the message box on the contact page and the comment balloons in the posts to let me know what you think. This is a work in progress and suggestions for improvement are always welcome. Brian Brennan