Poppy: medicine, or opiate?


November 11, 2016

This is a poppy.

It’s a symbol.

It can be used to get people to remember multiple horrific events in our history, and try to talk about, unpack, and reflect upon them, and break apart our insidious myths about war.

Or it can be used to fetishize certain horrific incidents, elevate certain players with thought-terminating cliches about how “Solemn” or “Sacred” all this is…. and completely obliterate the relevance of other horrific events on our history.

Some people who wear this symbol on their chests do so in good faith.

Some people who wear this symbol on their chest do not.

Some literal properties of the poppy:

It can be used to help cope with pain.

It can be used as a drug.

Too much of it is poison.

If understood wisely it is medicine.

© Alex Kennedy 2016

12473838_10153313958817308_2484724313123505070_oAlex Kennedy is a writer, artist, artisan, activist, and former member of the Canadian Armed Forces.








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