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#MeToo? Not me. October 2017

Good riddance, Hugh Hefner  September 2017

Dear Americans: Enough, Already  August 2017

Rule of Law vs Rule by Man  January, 2017


Squib:Fake News and Our Happiness Disorder  December 2016

Squib: On the death of Cuba’s Fidel Castro  November 2016

Squib: National Peacekeepers’ Day August 2016

Squib: Rude but Necessary Questions for Americans August 2016

Squib: Bloomsday — June 16, 2016

Squib: “My” Queen — June 11, 2016

Squib: Balkanization and the Radovan Karadžić verdict – March 24, 2106

Squib: Out of Time: Daylight (Saving) Delusions March 13, 2016

Canada’s National Aboriginal Day

“Cause marketing” not clear as a bell

Canada’s strategic, desperate, election: Anybody But Conservative

If Slaughterhouses had Glass Walls … 

Nepal’s Predictable Agony 

Ferguson’s Damned Details

World and War

NOTEBOOK: Arizona’s Test

Wolves as Ecosystems Engineers

The Tree

Thou Shalt Not Kill: The Pope on capitalism

A Rob Ford nation

Far from Flanders Fields

Seamus Heaney: R.I.P.

Death with dignity: The renewed debate over euthanasia.

Squib: Save us from the Madness!  October 7, 2013

One Canadian Soldier: My son is readying for war, 2006

MICHAEL WALKER of the Fraser Institute  By Deborah Jones   2005

Vancouver fights graffiti with graffiti, 2005

Orcas condemned to die, 2002

9/11: Good, Evil, and Other, 2001

CATHERINE CALLBECK: Canada’s first elected woman premier. By Deborah Jones

SIR GRAHAM DAY: Big knight in a small town. By Deborah Jones

Africville: Nova Scotia’s blacks remember, 1988


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