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The Wider Image: Yemen yearns for peace

Rashid bin Ali al-Muqaladi, 29, who sells used mobile phones, poses for a photograph in Sanaa, Yemen, April 30, 2016. “I appeal to all the negotiating parties to reach a political solution that is in the interest of Yemen and preserves the rights of neighbouring countries and Arabism,” al-Muqaladi said. “And I say to the aggressors (Saudi-led coalition): ‘Beware! Yemen is a volcano… and if it explodes, it will take the whole region. It is impossible to disgrace Yemen or impose condition on it even if it costs us all our souls and our blood. And we will not keep silent on the blood martyrs. Yemen is a support to you and not an enemy.'” Anxiety reigns in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, where ordinary people await the outcome of almost a month of peace talks they hope can end a devastating war. REUTERS/Mohamed al-Sayaghi

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