Darts, bitters and Granny Admirers — Oh, My

Mature babes: Granny admirers more overt in the UK is the title of Penney Kome’s hilarious new work for F&O’s Loose Leaf column. It’s a story prompted by a startling experience in a London pub, and while title almost says it all, here is an excerpt:

Penney Kome
Penney Kome

Stepping up to the line to throw my three darts, I sank into my sideways stance and studied the score and the dartboard. From the corner of my eye, I saw an older man squirming appreciatively in his bentwood chair, his hand around a pint of bitters. He was giving me the eye. That hasn’t happened much since I let my hair go gray. I stood up and looked around, confused. Then I sank again, and not only did the first guy squirm, so did the fellow at the next table. I wondered if my husband was watching.

…. I remembered how my mother still attracted men’s attention in her sixties, although I tended to see her as “cute” rather than sexy. Here I was, at 63, caught off-guard to realize that several men were (bashfully, politely) sizing me up. Such male attention wasn’t unusual in my 20s or 30s, even my post-pregnancy 40s sometimes. But now?

Highly unlikely! I thought, sitting down and flipping through the Daily Mail tabloid that someone had left on the table. Bam! The answer leapt out at me. The last page was full of phone sex ads  ….Log in (subscription required*) to read Mature babes: Granny admirers more overt in the UK.


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