Facts, and Opinions, this week

F&O ranges this week from extremist attacks to Starbucks’ red cups; from the trouble with America’s news media to HONY; from the science behind picky-eating cats, to how Jihadi John — reportedly killed  — came to be.  Find essential facts, and analysis that  goes behind the headlines and off the beaten track: Focus

In Remembrance

Canada’s Legion Magazine commissioned a video to mark the centenary of the poem “In Flanders Fields” by Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae, read by Leonard Cohen. ICYMI, from F&O archives: Far from Flanders Fields  Deborah Jones, Free Range column It’s at Ypres that my imagination falters, along with my

F&O this week: Daylight Savings; Spectre; oil; China’s children

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F&O this week: big world, country politics, and arts

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Political change sweeps Canada

Breaking: TORONTO (Reuters) – Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper will resign as leader of the Conservative party following its crushing defeat to the Liberals in Monday’s election, the Conservatives said in a statement. The party will appoint an interim leader through a

Focus on Canadian politics

Today Canadians head to the polls for Canada’s 42nd federal general election. The campaign, one of the longest in Canadian history, has been ugly and divisive. Canada’s three traditional parties, the incumbent Conservatives, Liberals, and New Democrats, are challenged not only by the Greens and, in the

Facts, and Opinions, this week

In the first of two Frontlines posts this weekend, F&O offers our weekly lineup of eclectic reads and stunning images for your weekend pleasure. Watch for our Focus on Canadian politics, prior to the federal election Monday Oct. 19. Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015, Natural History

Thankfulness, Columbus, and our Fresh Sheet of works

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada, where F&O is based and where many of our readers reside. Canada’s thanksgiving has nothing of the glitz and commercialism of America’s famous festival a month later. Here it is, perhaps like Canada itself, more moderate, a celebration of feasts and gatherings, rooted in the northerly harvest season.

Marg!, Princess Warrior joins the fray

Newfoundland writer, actress and comedian, Mary Walsh, finally chimed in on the Canadian election with her character, Marg! Princess Warrior, this week with her Marg Brings Change campaign. Made famous on This Hour has 22 Minutes, Marg has been smiting politicians with

Facts, and Opinions, this week

F&O starts our week in easternmost Canada, with Greg Locke’s photo-essay about the resilience (and beauty) of rural Newfoundland. We focus onPope Francis’s visit to the Americas; relish the news about Africa’s bright spot of Ivory Coast; puzzle at a seemingly-crazy notion that orange juice could replace petroleum; and heed Tom Regan’s warning

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