The Attacks on Brussels

At least 30 people were killed and scores injured in terrorist attacks on Brussels today, March 22. Reports and analysis on Facts and Opinions, listed below, provide the crucial information as well as the deep context. But first, a note. Soon, if they

Antonin Scalia

Updated Saturday Feb. 20 The death on Feb. 13 of Justice Antonin Scalia, leader of the conservative wing of America’s Supreme Court,  may be one of those rare events on which history pivots. And given the court’s oversized influence on world affairs, at a critical time for

Matters of Facts, and Opinions, this week

To Protect Monarch Butterfly,  A Plan to Save the Sacred Firs. By Janet Marinelli  Report Mexican scientists are striving to plant oyamel fir trees at higher altitudes in an effort to save the species, as well as its fluttering iconic winter visitor —

Christmas merriment

The meaning of Christmas is elusive. For some it’s a season of consumer extravaganzas and a boon for business. For others it’s profoundly religious. In places it’s fallen prey to partisan and tribal chicanery. It can be a time of happiness, angst or peace. Even the date of Jesus’s birth is elusive: December 25 is celebrated, but theological

Findings: Best of the web

Once, during slow spells in a long-ago night desk job, I started a game to help keep me alert:  I inserted the word “kerfuffle” into as many news stories as were appropriate. It amused me, especially after I inveigled others to play. (Did I mention slow

Democracy scores

Saudi Arabia held rare elections this weekend. For the first time since a ban on their participation was lifted, Saudi women voted — and several were elected to municipal councils.  As the BBC reported, “Elections of any kind are rare in the Saudi kingdom –

Matters of Facts, and Opinions: guns, climate and a ferry tale

Far more people die horribly in the world’s benighted places than die by guns in the United States, and yet American gun violence hogs global attention. The reason is simple: the American dream was once the world’s dream of a good life. That’s at least the PR spin: America the great,

Matters of Facts, and Opinions, this week

What deserves attention, in this crazy and constant flood of distractions? That, always, is F&O’s  top question. Our aim to offer a journalism boutique of the best, most interesting, stories –to earn a regular spot in your travels through the web. Here are our new reads for the weekend; on Monday, we’ll have a series for the climate summit in Paris. If you have

Findings: the best of the web

You’ve read F&O’s latest work, I assume? (If not, may I respectfully remind you, here, of the essential stories on our Contents page?) Why ISIS is winning, with America’s help TOM REGAN: Summoning Orenda Column Soldiers patrol Brussels, raids lead to arrests GABRIELA BACZYNSKA & PHILIP BLENKINSOP  Report

Sunday reads on F&O

Ron Hynes: the man of 1000 songs departs for Cryer’s Paradise. By Greg Locke Newfoundland singer-songwriter and musical legend, Ron Hynes, died Nov. 19. He was 64. In an ironic coincidence there was a power failure in downtown St John’s around the