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Climbing rocks on The Rock

While Squamish, British Columbia and Yosemite, California are the major centres for rock climbing sports in North America, on the island at the far eastern edge of the continent Newfoundlanders have some pretty good rocks, too. The climbs are not as high,

Wandering through the icebergs

I just posted my photo essay Welcome to Iceberg Alley  in the GEO section.  A collection of photos and a look at how the people of Newfoundland live, study,  work, and make the most of these floating ice giants that come from

Welcome to Iceberg Alley

In most places, it’s flowers that signal the coming of spring. Newfoundland and Labrador have the flowers – but also icebergs. It’s not uncommon to wander the coastal trails and fishing villages on a warm sunny spring day, with a backdrop of