Marg!, Princess Warrior joins the fray

Newfoundland writer, actress and comedian, Mary Walsh, finally chimed in on the Canadian election with her character, Marg! Princess Warrior, this week with her Marg Brings Change campaign. Made famous on This Hour has 22 Minutes, Marg has been smiting politicians with

Life goes on in rural Newfoundland

Life goes on in rural Newfoundland despite the loss of its historic economy and and estimated 50,000 people. Story and photos by Greg Locke.

How to make seal flipper pie

How to make seal flipper pie By Greg Locke   April, 2015 Goulds, Newfoundland — The spring seal hunting season opens this week on Canada’s Atlantic coast with hunters and fishermen from Newfoundland, Labrador, Quebec and the Maritime provinces heading out onto the

Artists call for ban on fracking near national park

Thirty two well known artists sent an open letter to Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper, and  Newfoundland & Labrador Premier Paul Davis, calling on them to establish a permanent buffer zone free of industrial activity around Gros Morn National Park  and UNESCO

Newfoundland’s Offshore Account

The offshore oilfields off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada in the north west Atlantic Ocean are pretty small compared to the operations in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico but the royalties have not only kept Canada's historically impoverished eastern province

Berlin 1989

Photo essay Greg Locke from the night the Berlin Wall fell and the Brandenburg gate opened in 1989.

A whale for the taking

Anybody want a dead whale? After a rough winter in the waters around Newfoundland on Canada’s east coast a number of dead whales, including a number of endangered North Atlantic blue whales, washed up on the beaches of many small fishing villages.

A Whale for the taking – Part 2

The death of the blues, though, came as a shock, said biologist Andrew Trites of the University of British Columbia. Scientists are pondering the repercussions of losing nine members of an endangered North Atlantic population of a mere 250 adults - fewer

A whale for the taking

When dead whales wash up in Newfoundland's small fishing villages the battle over who owns and who can do what with them begins. Story and pictures by Greg Locke in Woody Point, Newfoundland.