Deborah Jones

DebJones in SpainDeborah Jones is a founder and the managing partner, editorial, of Facts and Opinions. She edits, reports for Dispatches, writes long-form Think magazine pieces, is the Gyroscope blogger, and contributes an occasional Free Range column as well as photographs.

Jones has reported for more than 30 years on breaking news, social and economic policy, science, and whimsey, mostly for Agence France-Presse, Canada’s Globe and Mail, and Time Magazine. She freelanced for a range of publications from the New York Times to medical journals, and held staff positions as a Canadian Press desker and on the Vancouver Sun editorial board. Her education includes science and the humanities, with an early focus on biology, economics, and political science. Jones holds a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Simon Fraser University, and a post-graduate certificate in Creative Writing from the University of Oxford. Interests include civility, freedom of thought and expression, and ecology. She volunteers on the SFU GLS steering committee and on Canada’s journalism ethics advisory panel.

Jones was the first Canadian born to a family displaced from Europe by World War II. Raised in Alberta and the Northwest Territories, she grew up skiing, horseback riding, canoeing, and reading books. Before becoming a journalist she worked as a first aid attendant on bush planes, an assistant curator in a museum, slinging beer in bars, and as a junior park naturalist. When not traveling, Jones works and lives in Vancouver, Canada.

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