Charles Mandel

F&O is happy to welcome aboard Canadian journalist Charles Mandel as our newest regular contributor. Mandel, who has worked throughout the continent, is now based on the east coast in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He will contribute book reviews, “Think” features and Dispatches

Yesterday’s Man: Canada’s Peter MacKay

Canadian Justice Minister Peter MacKay has been the subject of a flurry of news stories, and almost as many satire pieces, about anti-woman comments  he is alleged to have made. Writer Charles Mandel responds with an opinion column for F&O’s THINK/Loose Leaf

Canada’s Justice Minister is Yesterday’s Man

CHARLES MANDELJune 27, 2014 Peter MacKay is yesterday’s man.  According to Canada’s Justice Minister, women are dedicated moms and caregivers around the clock who are busy changing diapers, packing lunches and dropping the kids off at daycare. In contrast, men are dedicated

Who Did In the Republic of Doyle?

Charles Mandel writes about the end of the Republic of Doyle, a television series that captured the essence of Canada and Newfoundland. A production of Canada’s public broadcaster, the Doyle family was well-loved — but apparently, in a time of severe government

On Rachel Carson’s birthday

Rachel Carson, the American scientist and environmentalist who wrote the classic Silent Spring, was born 107 years ago today. Charles Mandel, who reported on Carson’s life and the impact she made, writes: I believe if she were still alive, she’d be singularly unimpressed

Swept away: beaches, dunes and wharves pulled out to sea.

By Charles MandelCHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island, Canada. April, 2005 Visitors to Prince Edward Island who return after being away for a while may be in for a shock. Some of the scenic spots on the tiny province’s coastline are changing beyond recognition.

Apocalypse soon: T.C. Boyle applies dark humour to a grim future

By CHARLES MANDEL A Friend of the EarthBy T.C. BoylePenguin Canada, 271 pages Half-way through T. Coraghessan Boyle’s A Friend of the Earth, a dark comedy about environmental failure set in 2025, one of the planet’s few remaining hyenas escapes from a rock star’s

A bale of a good time

By CHARLES MANDEL AUBURNDALE, Nova Scotia, Canada Thursday night in Auburndale, Nova Scotia, and what’s the big entertainment? A drive-in movie, perhaps? Maybe dinner out? How about staring at a big field of hay? That doesn’t sound terribly promising, but over four balmy nights

Hooking Up

By CHARLES MANDEL Hooking UpBy Tom WolfePicador, 2001. 293 pages Tom Wolfe has talent to burn. That much is clear from his new collection of essays, Hooking Up. But his greatest talent may be for self-promotion. One thing becomes increasingly evident as you

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

By CHARLES MANDEL Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime WalkBy Ben FountainEcco, 307 pp., $28.99 It takes a particular kind of genius to set an entire novel around a football game’s halftime show. Sure, the halftime extravaganzas at the large NFL games offers lots