Matters of Facts, and Opinions: Castro, Trump, Burma, Nepal

Notebook: Our journalism boutique this week offers reports and analysis on Fidel Castro’s death; Jonathan Manthorpe on Burma (also known as Myanmar); Tom Regan on past American Fascism; an essay on  democratic awakening by Emily Lacika, and a report on Nepal as the set of

Ethnic Cleansing Roils Burma’s Democracy Transition

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs November 26, 2016 Burma’s 50 million people languished under a most vile military dictatorship for 50 years, but that has not made them a tolerant and open-handed society. The country’s military is in the middle of a scorched

Canada’s dark time might be closer than you think

TOM REGAN: SUMMONING ORENDA November 19, 2016 After the election of 2015, Canadians probably thought they were safe from the kind of racism and bigotry that has gripped the United States after the election of Donald Trump. After all, the Stephen Harper-led

Trump victory rattles Asia

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs November 19, 2016 Public displays of anxiety are frowned on in Japanese culture, and are especially unacceptable in political leaders. Even more anathema to the spirit of “Bushido” – the chivalric code of the samurai warrior – is

Facts, and Opinions, this week

We focus this week on three main events: F&O marks Remembrance Day this year with a photo-essay by Greg Locke, thoughts on the poppy by Alex Kennedy, and a feature by Jonathan Manthorpe on the WWII Battle for Hong Kong. We have a story about Canadian poet,

Canadians and the Battle for Hong Kong

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs November 11, 2016 On this day 75 years ago, 1,975 men, and two female nurses, of the Royal Rifles of Canada and the Winnipeg Grenadiers were steaming across the East China Sea in the New Zealand liner-turned-troop ship,

Remembering War

GREG LOCKE November 11, 2016 I can’t do Remembrance Day anymore. Just don’t have it in me. I don’t mean it to be disrespectful. In fact, my respect is infinite. I have had relatives serve in the Canadian, British and American military

Leonard Cohen, Poet, Rocker, Mystic, Dead at 82

By Alex Dobuzinskis November 10, 2016 LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Leonard Cohen, rock music’s man of letters whose songs fused religious imagery with themes of redemption and sexual desire, earning him critical and popular acclaim, has died at age 82, a statement

Britain needs election to clear Brexit fog

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs November 4, 2016 At the heart of Britain’s Brexit drama is a fundamental problem of political legitimacy. None of the main players now in leading roles has any mandate to have their voices heard. This central void loomed