Matters of Facts, and Opinions, this week

Public Health Crucial for Urbanized World, by Nate Berg  Report About 4 billion people now live in urban areas. Denser concentrations are considered efficient, reduce environmental impact and are more sustainable. They also mean a greater risk of exposure to infectious diseases. Pope at Auschwitz, Says Same Horrors Happening

Photos Shape Attitudes to Refugees: View from Australia

JANE LYDON July 30, 2016 Over the last two decades we have seen the unprecedented politicisation of immigration. Many Australians remember the wave of immigration after World War II when our rapidly developing industrialised economy addressed its labour shortage. Yet, like many

Public Health Crucial for Urbanized World

Concentrated populations are often seen as a boon for the environment because resources can be easily shared. But so can pathogens. How can cities discourage infectious disease? By Nate Berg July 30, 2016 Near the corner of Broadwick and Lexington in London’s

Turkey’s Shock Waves Slam Middle East

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs July 30, 2016 The fascist coup of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – for that is what it is – has thrown a large boulder into the boiling, muddy waters of the Middle East. Turkey’s fellow Sunni Muslim

Matters of Facts, and Opinions, this week.

Our work this week ranges from a photo essay of Ireland, to economics, to political commentary about what happens when a well-organised and productive country puts a despot in charge. You may have to read Jonathan Manthorpe’s piece to guess which country.  Hint: it’s not

Calls for G20 to act as fiscal, monetary policies falter

By Kevin Yao and David Lawder  July 23, 2016 CHENGDU, China (Reuters) – Fiscal and monetary policies are becoming less effective at spurring economic activity so the world’s leading economies need to increase coordination to promote sustainable growth, China’s Finance Minister Lou

Zimbabwe Collapse looms over Mugabe succession

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs July 23, 2016 The natural span of life is approaching its end for 92-year-old Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s leader since 1980, but the infighting over the succession is so intense that no one is running the shop, and there

Seafarer’s Pilgrimage

CLODAGH KILCOYNE  July, 2016 It is said that people don’t come home for Christmas to the small western Irish village of Carna, they come back for St. MacDara’s Day. On that day, every July 16, hundreds make a pilgrimage off the coast

Facts, and Opinions, that matter this week

Supporters of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan cheer at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey July 16, 2016. REUTERS/Huseyin Aldemir Reporting Turkish coup crumbles, crowds answer call to streets, by Nick Tattersall and Ece Toksabay An attempted Turkish military coup appeared to crumble

Beijing’s imperial ambitions run aground on legal reefs

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs July 16, 2016 The ruling this week by the Permanent Court of Arbitration, that China’s claim to sovereignty over about 90 per cent of the South China Sea is invalid and unlawful, will have profound effects on the