Vancouver’s housing bubble inflated by China’s air pollution

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs December 11, 2015 Vancouver’s grossly inflated housing market, the United Nations’ climate conference in Paris and China’s catastrophic environmental degradation were all linked this week in a circle of cause and effect. On Tuesday the authorities in Beijing

Matters of Facts, and Opinions: guns, climate and a ferry tale

Far more people die horribly in the world’s benighted places than die by guns in the United States, and yet American gun violence hogs global attention. The reason is simple: the American dream was once the world’s dream of a good life. That’s at least the PR spin: America the great,

The most beautiful commute: a ferry tale

By Jason Reed December, 2015 On the ferries that crisscross Sydney’s harbour, passengers sit inside hunched over their smartphones, often ignoring the gorgeous scenery afforded by what some describe as the world’s most beautiful commute. The arrival in 1788 of British Captain