Journalism that Matters: Greece

The world is holding its breath with Greece on the knife-edge deadline on its €1.6 billion loan repayment due to the IMF. its stalemate with its international creditors, and upcoming referendum, could make Greece the first advanced economy to default to the fund in its

If slaughterhouses had glass walls …

DEBORAH JONES: FREE RANGE June, 2015 “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarian,” Paul McCartney famously said. There are no walls in the alleys that served as slaughterhouses in Yulin, China. Yulin celebrated its annual Dog Meat Festival in

Saudi Arabia threatens to run amok

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs  June 26, 2015 After more than half a century as one of the few pillars of stability in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is rapidly morphing into a dangerous and unpredictable rogue elephant. The transformation has accelerated since, six

Facts and Opinions that matter this week

Here is F&O’s lineup of good reads, for your weekend lingering, or to launch the new week with information that matters.  New Reports:  Pope Francis throws down the gauntlet  On eve of encyclical, Pope Francis appeals for “our ruined” planet.  Our package

Hong Kong legislators reject reform package in farcical vote

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs  June 19, 2015 The campaign for and against democracy in Hong Kong has tottered on the edge of farce for some time and this week it tumbled over the edge. Thursday’s vote in the Hong Kong legislature on plans

On wanting to fit in and Rachel Dolezal

By Penney Kome June, 2015  “Mom, I want braids,” I said one day, as we walked home from my kindergarten to our apartment on the South Side of Chicago. “All the girls in school have braids. I want braids.” “Don’t you like your hair

Save our “ruined planet,” urges Pope Francis

    Pope Francis, on the eve of the most contested papal writing in half a century, said on Wednesday that all should help to save “our ruined” planet and asked critics to read his encyclical with an open spirit. The document is

The Magna Carta at 800: Who, What, When, Why, How.

Magna Carta: the 800th anniversary of a “Great Charter” that changed the world  The rule of law was established at Runnymede, England, on June 15, 1215, via the Magna Carta. As well as clipping the wings of a tyrannical and erratic ruler,