Vancouver: not mind-numbingly boring, but vacuously vain

The flood of money from China into Canada has not only contorted and distorted the Vancouver housing market beyond redemption, it has changed the sort of community Vancouver is going to be for generations to come, writes Jonathan Manthorpe. And, in a

REVIEW: Befuddled by Between

JOYCE THIERRY LLEWELLYN  May, 2015 Oh, I could weep. Bottom line: it is damn hard work to get a television show produced. When a series makes it through the myriad bureaucratic and funding levels of initial idea pitch to script development and eventual

Canada’s Famous Five would be proud

By Penney KomeMay, 2015 “What’s going on?” asked the woman in the family piling out of their car with wading gear for the youngsters on a hot day, heading for the wading pools in front of the Alberta Legislature’s great domed and

Every Day He Had the Blues: B.B. King

BRIAN BRENNAN: BRIEF ENCOUNTERSMay 2015  The musician’s nightmare, a broken guitar string, caused barely a ripple in the smooth performance of B.B. King the night I saw him playing an Edmonton nightclub gig in 1977. “When your guitar string breaks, then you

45 years later, Ottawa fumbles national security

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs  May, 2015  My first brush with terrorism was in Montreal late in the afternoon of Tuesday, April 21, 1964, when I was a first year student at McGill University. It was a bright, early spring day and a friend

North Korea’s Kim glories in his reign of terror

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs  May 15, 2015  One of the best arguments today for the use of judicious political assassination is the existence of Kim Jong-un. There is now abundant evidence that the young North Korean leader is a mad dog. The world

Happy to be a Company Actress: Ann Casson

BRIAN BRENNAN: BRIEF ENCOUNTERSMay 2015 Being the daughter of British theatrical royalty was a mixed blessing for Ann Casson. Her father, Sir Lewis Casson, and her mother, Dame Sybil Thorndike, captivated audiences on both sides of the Atlantic during the first half

There are terrible forces at work in Nepal

By Renee ComesottiApril/May 2015 KATHMANDU, Nepal — The world media is awash in images of death and devastation in Nepal. It’s an oddly schizophrenic experience to be ‘watching’ the current crisis from the dual perspectives of participant and observer — both on the

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