Looking for The Lady in Red: Chris de Burgh

BRIAN BRENNAN: BRIEF ENCOUNTERSMarch 2015   Chris de Burgh was 27 years old and something of a British cult favourite when I spoke to him about his music. A single from his first album, Far Beyond These Castle Walls, had spent 17 weeks

Canada PM distorts, inflates ISIS threat for electoral ends

JONATHAN MANTHORPE: International Affairs March 20, 2015  The decision by the Canadian government of Stephen Harper to extend and expand its military mission against ISIS in Iraq is in wilful disregard of the real threat posed by the radical Muslim group and how

Snowballs in Climate Hell

CHRIS WOOD: NATURAL SECURITY March, 2015  Where I’ve been recently in Vancouver, Canada, the cherry blossom petals are already flocking on the ground, the daffodils wilting and the camellias almost over. The interior of the province of British Columbia posted heat records last

Abandoning Playwriting for Novel Writing: Robertson Davies

BRIAN BRENNAN: BRIEF ENCOUNTERSMarch 2015  The Mephistophelean eyebrows, like symmetrical question marks on a massive forehead, projected an attitude of fierceness. But the twinkling eyes, grandfatherly disposition and easy laugh told another story. If you had dressed him in a red suit,

Jean Vanier of the Big Questions wins Templeton Prize

In 1964 in France, Jean Vanier invited two disabled men into his home and life, as friends. It was the start of L’Arche, a global network of communities in which people with and without disabilities live and work together. Today, Vanier received

Suit by Wikimedia and partners targets American mass surveillance

A law suit aimed at mass surveillance was filed Tuesday against America’s  National Security Agency and Department of Justice, by the Wikimedia Foundation and eight other complainants. “The surveillance exceeds the scope of the authority that Congress provided in the FISA Amendments Act

Lessons from Norway in getting women onto corporate boards

By Cathrine Seierstad, Morten Huse, and Silvija Seres1, The ConversationMarch 8, 2015 It recently emerged that there were more men named John running large companies in the United States than women. Actually the U.S.S is about average when it comes to the percentage

Blood, Sweat & Tears: David Clayton-Thomas

BRIAN BRENNAN: BRIEF ENCOUNTERSMarch 2015 David Clayton-Thomas was a Canadian singer who fronted an American brass-rock band, Blood, Sweat & Tears (BS&T), during the four years, 1968-71, when it achieved its greatest commercial success. One of the first groups to add horns