Je Suis Charlie

Scorecard, Wednesday, Jan. 7: Pen – 0. Sword – 12, and counting. Masked gunmen with AK47s and a rocket launcher killed at least 10 journalists and two police officers early Wednesday at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper that had been

Bucking Hollywood’s commercial trend: John Frankenheimer

BRIAN BRENNAN: BRIEF ENCOUNTERSJanuary, 2015 The movie was called The Fourth War. It took its title from Albert Einstein, who said he didn’t know how a third World War would be fought, or with what. “I can, however, predict that the fourth World

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  Let the Good Times Roll. By Jim McNiven The American and Canadian economies will do well this next year, especially the American. Their consumers, who represent over 70% of that economy’s GDP, should begin to shed their uncertainties and the Federal