Thank you, Jean Béliveau

Jean Béliveau, ranked as one of the world’s ten greatest hockey players in the Hockey Hall of Fame, died December 2, 2014. This is E. Kaye Fulton’s eulogy to a Canadian who was both an athlete and a gentleman. E. KAYE FULTONDecember, 2014

Uneasy lies the head that wears the Crown

Behind these palace walls, writes Jonathan Manthorpe, lies political intrigue that would have William Shakespeare licking his lips and sharpening his quill. Photo by Aleksandr Zykov via Flickr, Creative Commons   JONATHAN MANTHORPE December 5, 2014 It’s a story that would have

Noteworthy: antibiotics and superbugs

Superbugs, caused by wanton use of antibiotics, have the potential to change human civilization: by erasing the gains made in fighting bacterial disease since WWII, destroying many of our weapons against cancer, killing infants and our injured, rendering hospitals even more dangerous.

Conducting Canada to Musical Maturity: Mario Bernardi

BRIAN BRENNAN: BRIEF ENCOUNTERS  December, 2014 They thought Mario Bernardi was crazy in 1969 when he left a prestige conducting job at the Sadler’s Wells Opera in London to start up a new orchestra from scratch at the National Arts Centre (NAC)

LOTTA HITSCHMANOVA: Canada’s ‘Mother Teresa’ with attitude

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Noteworthy: stories that matter

So little time, so many stories. How to find worthy tales? Friends of F&O, apparently pressed for time, who know we spend our days scanning global media, asked us to recommend the odd item. Sure thing. And, just as F&O is about boutique instead

Ending AIDS by 2030: The doctor who found the key

On World Aids Day today, Rod Mickleburgh profiled Julio Montaner, the Argentine/Canada doctor who’s led the successful fight against HIV/AIDS using harm reduction strategies. The United Nations agency UNAIDS said in a release its goal of “ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030 is