The Boris Show heads for prime time

JONATHAN MANTHORPEDecember 12, 2014 Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London who unashamedly lusts to be Tory Prime Minister of Britain, clearly relishes his role as a source of public entertainment. In his nearly two decades in the public eye, Johnson has made

A prolific novelist on diverse themes: Brian Moore

BRIAN BRENNAN: BRIEF ENCOUNTERS  December, 2014  After 25 years of writing novels, Brian Moore was trying his hand at playwriting when I met him in Edmonton in 1981. He had adapted his novella Catholics for television in 1973 and now was preparing it for its

$50 billion ‘moon shot’ targets Mississippi Delta restoration

This story is second in a two-part series on Louisiana’s rapidly disappearing coastline. Read part one, The Drowning of the ‘Amazon of North America’ By Bob Marshall, The Lens, Al Shaw and Brian Jacobs, ProPublica December, 2014 As Brig. Gen Duke DeLuca wrapped up

Report released on CIA torture

Stark findings of torture and of the CIA misleading officials and the public are among the conclusions of a report released today by the outgoing Democrats on the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. As part of our Verbatim series, F&O

Newfoundland’s Offshore Account

The offshore oilfields off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada in the north west Atlantic Ocean are pretty small compared to the operations in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico but the royalties have not only kept Canada's historically impoverished eastern province


F&O’s Noteworthy series offers our picks of stories on the Internet: stories worth your while amid the torrent of infotainment. This week: For Firestone and Liberia, A Secret History Unearthed — long form journalism By T. Christian Miller and Jonathan Jones, ProPublica, and

Facts and Opinions that matter this week

Facts and Opinions this week features two elegant pieces about people who mattered in the worlds of sports and music: E. Kaye Fulton’s tribute to “glorious gentleman” Jean Béliveau (open), and Brian Brennan’s Brief Encounter with conductor Mario Bernardi, who veered off the beaten path (subscription).

Tom Regan on race, guns, and militarized death in America

Facts and Opinions’ Seeking Orenda  columnist Tom Regan writes today on Why the United States is a perilous country for a young man, black or white. An excerpt of his new column: There’s a deadly virus in the United States. Much more deadly

A dying king, a hated crown prince, and Thailand in turmoil

The succession of the next royal head of Thailand is a tale of palace intrigue fit for a king. Here is an excerpt of International Affairs columnist Jonathan Manthorpe‘s new column, Uneasy lies the head that wears Thailand’s Crown: It’s a story that would