The Week at F&O: From snake oil to Dumbledore

Introducing a new three-part series: The Global Implications of Oil Price Renormalization Part 1: A Quick Look at its History and Technology By Jim McNiven To understand the global oil market, it helps to grasp the history and makeup of the commodity.

Kurdistan could be a silver lining in Middle East quagmire

The siege of Kobani has pushed to the surface some of the internal and external pressures working against the creation of a complete Kurdistan homeland, writes International Affairs columnist Jonathan Manthorpe. But if any good can come of the latest ill-conceived bombing of

Brian Brennan on Richard Harris, of Camelot and Hogwarts

Richard Harris was off the booze and missing it when he starred as King Arthur in a touring production of Camelot. He told Arts columnist Brian Brennan that going back to his native Ireland and not having a drink was like “going to

From King Arthur to Dumbledore: Richard Harris

BRIAN BRENNAN: BRIEF ENCOUNTERS  October, 2014     There was no booze in the star’s dressing room when Richard Harris came to Canada to star as the the once and future King Arthur in a touring production of Camelot. The one-time roaring boy

Finding: “Ambition,” a film about possibility

The audacity of our enterprise can be hard to comprehend, especially when it’s scientific, and especially to those of us who struggle with math and physics. That gap is why the arts — why story telling — matters so much. And this

The Week at F&O

  The photo above, posted on Twitter by a user named Evanem, is of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and fellow reservist Brandon Stevenson. The Canadian Forces Reserve soldiers were photographed standing as Honour Guards at the War Memorial in Ottawa, moments before a

Bears, wolves, and salmon for the soul

It has been a brutal week, in many of the world’s places but most acutely for those of us who live in Canada, washed by a torrent of grief, outrage and increasing bombast over the murders of two Canadian soldiers and a

Book excerpt — Great Bear Wild: Dispatches from a Northern Rainforest

Great Bear Wild, a book of observations and photographs, and a video (see below), is the latest project by Ian McAllister, conservationist, photographer, and 25-year resident of the Great Bear Rainforest on Canada’s West Coast. He describes it as “a deeply personal journey from

Leon Uris bristled when accused of historical distortion

  Leon Uris prided himself on being a popular historian who did his homework, as well as being a bestselling novelist. However,  Arts columnist Brian Brennan dared to question the accuracy of his historical research. An excerpt of Brennan’s Brief Encounters column: From High

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